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Lithium-Ionen (Li-Ion)
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8 uur
660 mAh


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Duits (DE)

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0,0 cm
10 cm

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Go to for work from home

The Club Pro have become my go to work working from home. The initial pairing with my laptop took a moment as my iphone was already paired and changing the connection took a moment to figure out. However, now it defaults perfectly to the laptop and the call quality is fantastic. The noise canceling even makes a loud truck going by outside disappear. I can walk around the house (across levels) and still keep a solid connection. The App helped with setting more sound options and features; definitely helpful. Would like to see even longer battery life on NC in the future and initial multi-device connect ease of use.
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Goed geluid!

De JBL CLUB PRO+ TWS heeft een goed geluid en een mooie bass. De pasvorm is ook perfect met de meegeleverde oordopjes altijd de juiste maat! Zeer tevreden.
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Zeer goede kwaliteit geluid

Het is even wennen, maar ze zitten stevig en geven goed geluid. Heel fijn dat er noise cancelling is!
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great sound great app

After trying Apple AirPods Pro Sennheiser momentum 2 and jbl reflect mini nc these club pro+ are amazing. The sound is very good after playing with the equalizer on the app. They were also the loudest out of the earbuds that were previously listed and definitely bass heavy if you want. The app itself is awesome and there are plenty of features and configurations with these earbuds. The club pro+ also fit nice in my ear. I use them for commuting and the gym. Once I put them in there is no need to touch them again but that's just me. They are definitely worth the money. Two little complaints I have is the noise cancelation is not the best and on a windy day I hear it in the earbuds maybe its just me. But they are still amazing.

On a side note jbl customer service is amazing. I had purchased these and unfortunately lost the charging case. They told me since it was bought within the month they will replace the product. I just had to send the earbuds back.
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Nice headphones.

These are a great pair of wireless headphones. I'm very satisfied.
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GREAT SOUND and great eq, and good fit. and great price
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Geschreven door een klant bij een bezoek aan jbl.com



Constantly Pairing inside Case

So, for context, I'm using these with a Samsung Note 10+ and my previous earbuds were JBL Reflect Flow Wireless

The app is an alright addition to be able to customize the sound profile and controls.

-These buds are unlivable for everyday use. To clarify, when not in use, they will be constantly pairing with my phone and forcing the audio and notification sounds to the buds that are firmly in the case and should be turned off. This happens consistently through the day, and usually the case itself will die within a day or two, then the earbuds will no longer have this problem. So, obviously there is an issue with how the case is made that causes these earbuds to constantly turn on and drain their batteries.
-The audio is quiet. On the old earbuds previuosly mentioned, I would turn the audio to about 75% on the phone, right before the red line for the audio volume warning and they would be fine. On these at max volume, I still find them to be below that comfortable volume.
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Kept falling out... AGAIN. NEED XL EARTIPS

I’m not even sure how many pairs of true wireless earbuds I have tested out at this point. All I know is that I’ve tried JBL, Sony, and Jabra, and ALL of them kept falling out of my ears. I can tell you that these were my second pair of JBL TWS that I’ve tested and I had really high hopes for them. However, once again, the eartips were not big enough. And yes, I tried large ones... After all of the different consumers who say that the earbuds keep falling out of their ears, you would think that companies would catch on by now, but they haven’t. All companies make are S, M, and L eartips. For a lot of people, like me, that’s not enough! I am literally an XL size eartip away from having the earbuds fit. So companies, MAKE XL EARTIPS! Not everyone has small to normal size ears!
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Great earbuds!

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Pros:
-Quickly and easily pairs with my device. By time I flip open the case and put in my earbuds, they're connected.
-Amazing sound and very good active noise cancellation.
-Microphone is amazing for audio calls too, doesn't matter if you're using just one or both earbuds, the call quality is perfect. Perfect for all these zoom meetings!
-They stay in my ear! They come with 3 different size ear tips and the app has a feature that let's you test the fit. I did find that I had to "break them in" a little. The first time I used the earbuds my ears were sore after about 30 min. But after a few days of use, I no longer even notice them in my ears anymore.

My JBL headphones app: I love this app so much I'm giving it it's own category. I think this is where you really unlock the full potential of the headphones.
-You can customize the tapping gestures of the earbuds. You can choose if you want to control volume, playback, noise cancellation settings, voice assist, etc.
-I also surprisingly really love the DJ signature settings. These are preset EQ settings, some have high bass, higher treble, etc. At first I thought it was kind of gimmicky but I'm also someone who doesn't generally mess with these settings. I gave it a try and found that it was a nice intro for me to experience custom audio settings with different types of music. After experimenting for a bit, I've now set up my own custom EQ settings for workout, classical music, and commuting.
-Find my buds. If you lose an earbud, you can activate this feature from the app and it'll make the earbud emit a super loud sound. I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that this is actually a much needed feature for me...

-I think these earbuds are very advanced, but perhaps too advanced for some people (I'm thinking of my retirement age parents). The instruction manual is very minimal, they assume you've used bluetooth headphones before. Granted, just by the product name, they're obviously targeting a certain audience....
-The tapping gesture takes some getting used to, it's not super responsive. But comparing it to other wireless buds I've used, I would say it's about average. It takes a bit of patience to figure out the "sweet spot" on the earbuds when tapping.

Conclusion: These are amazing earbuds, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to my more tech savvy friends, but I probably would not purchase these earbuds for my parents. Trying to help them set these up and learn how to use them would be a nightmare.
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Comfortabel en goed geluid

Ik heb deze oordopjes nou ongeveer een maand en ze bevallen prima. Het is de eerste keer dat ik draadloze oordopjes heb die EN goed blijven zitten EN goed geluid hebben. De batterij duur is helemaal super, je kunt er heel lang luisteren zonder tussendoor te moeten opladen. Mochten ze toch leeg zijn, dan zijn ze in de bijgeleverde case snel weer opgeladen zodat je weer verder kunt luisteren. Wat ik ook ideaal vind is dat de oordopjes apart van elkaar te gebruiken zijn. Je kunt er dus voor kiezen om ze allebei tegelijk in te doen, maar kunt dus ook links of rechts alleen gebruiken. Via de app kun je de gebruiksfucties van het touch knopje op het oortje aanpassen aan de functies die jezelf fijn vind. Zo kun je ze dus helemaal aan je eigen wensen aanpassen. Ook kun je de geluidsinstellingen nog veranderen in de app. En mocht het ooit gebeuren dat je een oordopje kwijt bent kun je met de app een alarm laten af gaan zodat je kunt horen waar deze is gebleven. Het is dus een heel compleet product en ben er echt heel erg tevreden over. Zeker een aanrader!
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Geweldige oortjes

Ik heb de oortjes nu een week of 2 in gebruik en mijn eerste indruk is echt super. Het geluid is echt geweldig en precies wat je verwacht van JBL. De noise-canceling functie is echt een geweldige toevoeging aangezien ik de oortjes veel gebruik voor het reizen en ik me daardoor helemaal kan afsluiten van de geluiden om mij heen.
De verbinding met de telefoon werkt ook naar behoren en zodra je het boxje met de oortjes opendoet ben je nagenoeg direct verbonden en kun je direct je muziek afspelen, heel gering verbinden de oortjes niet direct, maar dat is echt zelden tot nooit.
Via de app heb je veel mogelijkheden om je oortjes af te stellen naar je eigen smaak en wensen, dit werkt ook erg goed en de app is mooi overzichtelijk.
Ik geef het product geen 10 en dat heeft mede te maken met de in-ear pasvorm, ik heb soms het gevoel dat de oortjes uit mijn oren glijden en dit is redelijk irritant. Ik heb alle 3 de pasvormen geprobeerd en ik heb dit gevoel bij alle 3 de pasvormen gehad.

Als ik dit product moet samenvatten: 'Geweldige bluetooth-oortjes die precies doen wat je verwacht en die kunnen voldoen aan al je (muziek)wensen.'
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Superieur en subliem

Echt, de titel hierboven zegt eigenlijk al genoeg.
Ik heb de oortjes nu al weer een paar weken in mijn bezit, maar heb er nog dagelijks spijt van dat ik ze niet eerder heb gekocht.
Echt een super kwaliteit, het geluid is van een subliem top niveau, ongekend! Heerlijk geen draadjes meer. Het comfort van het dragen, je verneemt ze niet eens.
Het uiterlijk is voor mij een stuk minder belangrijk, maar ook dat scoren ze toch echt heel hoog mee!
Bij het luisteren naar muziek, waan je je echt bij een concert, zo realistisch. Opladen gaat makkelijk en snel.
Als u het mij vraagt, zeg ik kopen!
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Francis Ta


This is the best earbuds I've never heard before with an excellent sound quality!
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Geschreven door een klant bij een bezoek aan jbl.com


Super geluid en gemakkelijk in gebruik

Sinds 2 weken dit product in bezit en ik ben er erg tevreden mee. Het verbinden met de telefoon is zeer eenvoudig en is snel geregeld. De oortjes zitten in een klein doosje die de oortjes oplaad zodra ze erin zitten. Telefoon maakt verbinding met de oortjes zodra de deksel van het doosje opengaat, dus super snel.
Oortjes zitten prima in mijn oor. Ze voelen wel wat groot aan, maar dat is geen hinder voor het geluid wat er uit komt en dat is top en scherp.
De muziek is met 1 knop op pauze te zetten en weer verder af te spelen. Op een oortje zit een knop voor noice cancelling. Met 3 verschillende standen wordt het omgevingsgeluid gefilterd en harder/zachter gezet. Ideaal icm het gebruik van bv de stofzuiger of op de fiets. Enige jammere is dat er geen volume knop op de oortjes zelf zit zodat je de muziek/podcast gemakkelijk niet harder of zachter kan zetten.

Als je de oortjes in hebt en je wordt gebeld, dan kun je met 1 keer drukken op de knop opnemen en het gesprek aangaan. Geluid qua ontvangst is hetzelfde als normaal met de telefoon en de gesprekken komen ook super goed en helder door aan de andere kant.

In 2 weken tijd heb ik hem veelvuldig gebruikt en de batterij tot nu toe maar 1x moeten opladen. De accu is het doosje is snel vol en daarna weer voor langere tijd te gebruiken.

De app die erbij hoort is ook makkelijk te gebruiken en laat zien hoeveel batterij de oortjes hebben en het doosje. In de app kun je het geluid ook aanpassen dmv slimme audiomodi.
Nadeel van de app vind ik dat de locatie aan moet staan, anders kun je de app niet gebruiken.
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happy ear

Afgelopen maand heb ik eindelijk na lang twijfelen en rondneuzen de knoop doorgehakt en de JBL Club Pro+ aangeschaft. Ik ben zo blij dat ik uiteindelijk overstag ben gegaan en me goed hebt verdiept in wat ik belangrijk vind aan de oortjes. Ik luister echt veel muziek, kijk s avonds in bed netflix en nu is de kwaliteit van het geluid zoveel malen beter dan de oortjes met kabel die ik nog had. Ik beleef alles veel beter dan voorheen. Het klinkt als dolby suround in je oren het geluid wordt op de een of andere manier veel zuiverder. het werkt ook allemaal automatisch je hoeft alleen maar het hoesje open te klappen en je bent alweer verbonden. Ook de kwaliteit van het bellen is veel beter geworden en veel praktischer ik doe nu alles met die oortjes in huis poetsen, stofzuigen , netflixen. Het geluid en het gebruiksgemak is echt boven verwachting ook de batterij gaat lang mee. Ik ben heel blij dat ik eerst goed heb rondgekeken naar wat ik wil en belangrijk vind en bij deze uit ben gekomen. I love JBL
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Fijne dopjes met goed geluid!

Deze oortjes heb ik nu 2 weken in gebruik. Na jarenlang gepiel met oortjes waarvan de draad al-tijd na een bepaalde periode kapot gaat, was ik erg benieuwd hoe dit zou bevallen. Met JBL weet je dat je qua geluid, ook bass, goede kwaliteit in huis haalt. Wat dat betreft vallen deze ook zeker niet tegen! De dopjes leveren echt goed geluid. Het is fijn muziek en luisterboeken luisteren. Ook telefoongesprekken gaan prima, zelfs buiten met wat wind om je heen. Zelf gebruik ik ze onder andere voor mijn werk. Met deze dopjes kan ik prima bellen met klanten, zonder te worden afgeleid door de geluiden in huis. De noise cancelling werkt hier echt prima voor.
Verder zitten de dopjes ook prettig in je oor. Ik moest even wennen omdat het gedeelte in je oorschelp toch een stukje groter is dan bij dopjes met draad. Na een paar minuten merk je dit echter niet meer.
Je kunt je muziek bedienen met de dopjes, geen gedoe met steeds je telefoon erbij pakken.
De app is een handige toevoeging en handig in gebruik.
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Fantastic sounding earbuds with solid ANC features

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I was very excited to receive these JBL Club Pro+ TWS earbuds, with ANC, and couldn't wait to unpackage and charge them. As always, I found the quality of the JBL packaging to be excellent. The earbuds charging case was a solid design, as well. With it's relatively small square shape, rounded smooth corners, and it's matte' black finish, the case has a great in-hand feel. Sliding it in and out of pockets is a breeze.

The set-up instructions provided seemed easy enough, or so I thought. Once the charging case and earphones were fully charged, my assumption was it should be a quick and easy connection. However, this was not the case for me...though I eventually determined it was partially my fault. I must have attempted the Bluetooth connection nearly a dozen times, going as far as searching the internet for issues others might have had with connecting these earphones to their phones/computers/etc, and how they resolved it...finding nothing. That's when I finally noticed the tiny smile-like orange patterns on each of the earphones,
which I initially thought was part of their sharp looking design. The 'smiles' were actually stick-on plastic cut-outs, that were placed over the female side of the earphone's 3 charging pin connectors, to protect the connections during packaging and shipping. These tiny 'smiles' kept the earphones from getting charged, and that's why I was having trouble connecting them. Anyway, while I felt a little dumb that I didn't realize they were protective stickers, I can't imagine I was the only person to have had that happen to them, and it should be noted in the packaging to remove those two stickers.

Needless to say, connecting them was a snap (after removing the stickers) and ensuring the earphones were fully charged. After choosing the correct size ear tips, the in-ear fit and feel was snug and comfortable, but I'm not sure you'd want to do any hard core exercising with them in, since there are no wing tips or ear wraps to secure them in place.

As for the sound quality of the earphones, I was pretty impressed with their out-of-the-box sound, and far more impressed after downloading, installing, and using the JBL My Headphone's app. They are excellent for listening to music, with highly customizable sound using the app. Choosing from several professional Stage+ pre-sets, or creating your own signature sound, you'll be very pleased with these earphones.

The ANC works well enough, though I can' say they are best I've ever tried. Ensuring they are snug in each ear is the key to getting the best noise cancellation out of them, and with the Ambient Aware and Talk-thru modes also selectable, they're an overall good ANC earphone selection.
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Super fijne draadloze oortjes!

Ik gebruik deze oortjes sinds kort en ze bevallen goed. Ten eerste zien ze er mooi luxe uit en zitten ze goed in je oren. Ze vallen niet uit. Ik gebruik ze vooral om muziek af te spelen. Niet alleen hebben deze oortjes een hoge geluidskwaliteit wat muziek luisteren ontspannend maakt, maar ook de ruisonderdrukking werkt goed. In de trein, of tijdens het studeren hoor ik weinig van mijn omgeving, zodat ik mij goed kan concentreren. Ook met online meetings zijn de oortjes erg handig. Anderen kan je goed verstaan, maar zelf ben je ook helder te horen. Verder is het oplaaddoosje prettig van formaat. Gemakkelijk om in je tas mee te nemen. Het opladen gaat snel en dan kunnen de oortjes ook echt wel lang mee. In de JBL app zie je ook nog hoe veel procent het doosje en de oortjes per stuk zijn opgeladen. Hartstikke handig. Al met al een super product!
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Mooi design goede kwaliteit

Ik heb de oordoppen nu 1 weekje en ze zijn echt heel fijn in het gebruik. Niet al te ingewikkeld dus makkelijk in gebruik voor een ieder. Prachtig geluid en ze zitten ook nog eens heel comfortabel. Mooie oplaadcase en lange batterij duur. Een echte aanrader. Ook ruisloos kunnen bellen mensen horen me kraakhelder en ik hun ook.
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Geschreven door een klant bij een bezoek aan jbl.com

Gonzalo G


Great battery time!

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I've had these new wireless earbuds since they came out and have had no issues. The battery life with case is what really stands out. I also love how you can customize your hearing experience with the equalizer and how they have a selection of different dj equalizer setting on the app. Overall some of the best truly wireless earbuds out there. Would recommend!
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Werkt zoals je wilt dat het werkt!

Werkt zoals je wilt dat het werkt! Gebruiksvriendelijkheid den top. Wanneer je de ‘’case’’ opent gaan de oortjes aan en verbinden ze met je telefoon. Doe je de oortjes in en druk je op het oortje beginnen ze met spelen. Doe je 1 oortje uit, gaat de muziek op pauze. Touchscreen van beide oortjes en functie die hier bij hoort naar wens in te stellen via de app. Opladen van de case is USB C en draadloos. Kortom, precies wat je wilt.
Muziek is uitstekend. JBL kwaliteit. Diepe bas en mooie geluiden. Noise cancelling is oke… Op werk met mijn collega naast mij hoor ik hem nog steeds praten. Wel gedempt. Ambient aware waarbij omgevingsgeluiden worden versterkt is erg extreem. Je hoort alles. Persoonlijk gebruik ik alleen noise cancelling en drukke ruimtes en zet ik geen functie aan in een stille ruimte.
Oortjes zitten fijn. Normaal vallen ze bij mij erg snel uit maar het zwaartepunt zit goed in het oortje verwerkt! Uitstekende oortjes, goede kwaliteit en werkt precies hoe jij wilt.
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Pascal U


Geweldig oortjes

Ik heb deze nu 1 week en tot nu toe bevallen ze me uitstekend. Ik. Gebruik ze voornamelijk voor muziek te luisteren op mijn werk. Maar daar is best wel veel geluid van machines maar door de noise canceling en de perfect pasvorm vallen die geluiden goed weg. Wel effe de juiste rubbertjes op de oortjes monteren. (keuze uit klein, middel en groot)
Verder hebben ze een mooie bass en helder geluid deze via de JBL app goed in te stellen is. Wat ook fijn is dat je links of rechts los kunt gebruiken.De touch bediening werkt ook vlekkenloos en is ook instelbaar in de JBL app.
Ten slotte de oplaad case deze is gelukkig voorzien van usb-C en de oortjes zijn er makkelijk uit te halen.
Kortom tot nu toe de beste oortjes voor mij.
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Met de.smartphone een proma product maar is niet aan een nieuwe laptop te koppelen. Niet gekocht als ik dat geweten had.
Geschreven door een klant bij een bezoek aan jbl.com

franswami truebaddoor


So Many Features

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] These are the Rolls Royce of all the JBL Wireless earbuds that I have tried. They have all the features I wanted and some that I didn't know existed. I have always wanted Noise Cancelling, but have never had Ambient Aware. This awesome feature allows me to listen to music and still know when someone is coming up behind me. The microphone is so sensitive that I could hear my neighbors talking clearly from 30 feet away, while listening to reggae. It is almost scary how these tiny things can separate sounds and still allow me to hear what I want to hear. I tried the Talk Through feature, it took some getting used to to hear my own voice coming through the filter and then played back to me. I answered a call and was very pleased to have a seamless experience between my music stopping and the call being connected. Everything is controlled by a single or a double tap on my left earbud. Obviously more control than just the taps is needed to use all of the features. There is the app that I downloaded to my phone that has all of the controls. There is a switch there that allows me to switch between Ambient Aware and Noise Cancel. I had my wife yell HEY! at me as I switched between the two modes...this technology works! Her voice was blocked well when Cancelled, and clearly heard under the music when Aware. Music had to be playing for it to work though...with no input I was able to hear everything in either mode. These buds have an "assistant" feature for Siri or Alexa but I honestly don't ever use these features because the technology has been frustrating to me with mistranslated words and terrible texts. But it is there.
The equalizer adjustments are pretty great, every preset has a distinct sound. Everything is pretty solid with the BASS!!!! except for Tigerlilly, who seems to like high treble in her sound. Armin van Buuren seems to like a muddied and muddled bass, and both Sunnery and Ryan seem to like their levels adjusted more to my personal taste. Hopefully DJs I have heard of will lend their "signature" to this feature in the future. Give me some Danny Tenaglia!!!
The case size is familiar to other high end earbud brands, but I find it a little small and easy to lose in my bag. Twice I have grabbed it out and had the top open and my precious ear buds gone flying to the floor, causing extreme stress! So be careful when handling them and especially when using them outdoors.
Overall the sound is absolutely the best I have ever heard, I can crank my tunes and still hear what is going on around me, I can easily answer a call, and they always connect instantly to my devices. Like a new pair of shoes, ease into wearing them, because my ears were a little sore after listening for 4 hours straight, but after a few sessions my ears adjusted.
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Great Fit and Sound for all ages

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] These wireless headphones have been a pleasure to use. JBL hit the packaging out of the park. There was not a lot of unused space in the packaging resulting in less waste. Upon opening the headphones you receive a nice flat USB to USB C cable to charge the charging case as well as additional rubber ear pieces to get a better fit should you require it. I had my 9 year-old pair these headphones to his phone to us for the hour long commute to the ice rink. The initial pairing was easy and these headphones fit his years without issue. He gave these a thumbs up. After hearing how he enjoyed these headphones I could not wait to pair them to my phone and give them a listen. Pairing them to the additional device was a little difficult because his phone was in range and they would connect to his phone in the house, so I got to listen to some of his music. We turned off his Bluetooth and connected these headphones to my phone and I was got to enjoy the sweet sound from these headphones. I am able to use these headphones for hours on end without any discomfort. The passive noise cancelling is nice, while working from home. The case is a matte black and the lid requires a little more force than some other headphones that I own, which gives me a more sense of security. The form factor is small and makes carrying them on my pockets a non-issue. Overall these headphones have been wonderful to use and carry with while running daily errands or listening to music or a podcast during an ice hockey practice.
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Excellent Ear Buds

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Just got these ear buds and could not be more pleased with the sound quality. I am really enjoying the noise cancellation feature. They fit great for short as well as long term wearing. These ear buds compare to any headphones with noise cancellation on the market currently.
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[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Got these in the mail about 3 and a half weeks ago. They sound phenomenal bass is great battery life is awesome. I think the best features in my opinion is the talk thru option when I’m talking to someone and not having to take the headphones out, and second is the wireless charging. Since I my Truck has a built in wireless charger I just get off work/gym etc and hop in my truck and just effortlessly put them down on the wireless charging pad, ands done , and continue driving your commute.
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I stand corrected

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I received the Pro+ last week and I must admit, I judged them before they showed up. As a long-time Airpod Pro user, I knew what I wanted and I didn't think I could get it from anyone else. I stand corrected, the JBL Club Pro+ is my go-to work out/music headphones. they would be my everything but here are the cons of them. 1. connection with Windows is not great, but I blame windows as I haven't found a single wireless earbud that works. 2. the microphone is too good. I share a home office with my wife and normally we can both host calls without interfering with one another. Not with the JBL, the microphone is so good, it picks her up equally as it does me... from 10 feet away.
Now that we have the only two cons out of the way... let's dig into the meat of why these things are a musical beast! First, download the app... complete control is a must and it's only done with the app. Once you have the app, you can control how your music hits your ears and it is something everyone should experience. The bass is full, the highs are clear and the mids just plain work. As for comfort, fit them to your ears... again, use the app and wear them as long as you like. I wear mine under a hat, a gator, with a mask and without... they are comfortable and really made me think twice about staying with my AirPods.
The case keeps them charged for a long time... so far, a week of full volume 90s hip hop 1-hour workouts and I am sitting at 60%!

As always... JBL knows how to deliver sound into your ear holes!
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Perfect for what you would expect

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I’ve had these for about a week and that they have worked perfectly for everything I do. I exercise and rock climb a lot every week and needed a pair of ear buds that had no wire, easy controls, and sound that is worth listening to. These ear buds do all of that and actually stay in your ears for more than five minutes.
The only thing I would say against them is that the controls are kind of strange but probably as simple as they can be.
So far, I really like everything about these ear buds and would definitely recommend them.
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Better then the rest!

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I've been using these for a week now and wow. The sound is amazing and everything JBL is all about. I've been using JBL reflect mini for last couple years so from that to this is awesome. The battery life lasts long and having charging pod case is cool feature as well. The JBL app connects from your phone to your earpods. The bass and sound is truly amazing. If you lose one or both earpods There's feature to help you locate them back. Overall 10/10 good purchase and this definitely sounds and looks better then the competition. Thanks JBL
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[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The JBL CLUB PRO+ TWS are outstanding earbuds. The sound quality is amazing. The comfort is luxurious. The battery life is long. The features are practical. And the customizability appears endless.
These JBL earbuds are my new go-to headphones. I have several earbuds, on-ear headphones, and over-the-ear headphones from big name audio brands. After comparing the JBL CLUB PRO+ TWS to all my other headphones, these earbuds are my new go-to headphones.
I think these JBL earbuds sound amazing. Very crisp and not muddy. More neutral than some of my previous bass leaning JBL products. Compared to all my other headphones, they compete with all the other big name headphone brands. I was surprised such small earbuds could sound so good!
I think they are the most comfortable out of all my headpones! These headphones fit seemlessly into my ears and have yet to give me any ear fatigue after hours of use. I sometimes forget they are in my ears.
If you care about features and customizability, then these headphones are probably for you. ANC, ASC, Smart audio modes, voice assistant, phone calls, and Find My Buds features work well. Paired with the JBL app, you can choose between signature EQ's or customize your own. If you enjoy changing up your sound profile for various songs and genres, then the custom EQ feature should satisfy your needs. The EQ functions are somewhat over my head, so I stick with the default JBL sound. Want even more customizability, then you can change the button controls on the earbuds to satisfy your desired functions for each earbud. Over all these headphones are feature rich.
I have been using these earbuds for the past week around the house, walking the dog, and out in public. I imagine they would work well as workout headphones, but I would be nervous to go running in them or do any hard labor jobs. I sometimes enjoy wearing earbuds at my job, but due to the nature of my job, I would be worried these earbuds would get damaged if they fell out or I dropped them. These earbuds are expensive, and I like them too much to put them in a dangerous situation. Would they remain in my ears and work well at my job site and while running? Yes. Do I want to take the chance of taking my now most loved headphones somewhere they might get damaged? No. These headphones appear durable enough to handle many years of listening, but they also have this elegant beauty to them that I personally do not want to hurt.
Overall I love these headphones.
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Finally, the earphones that do everything!

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I've owned UA Flash earphones for almost two years now, so I'll be comparing the Club Pros to them.

Flash earphones have a great sound and nice battery life. However, they are difficult to use: very long button presses, and bad charging case contact.

Club Pros pair without a problem, and Android owners can plug into Google infrastructure, using the digital assistant and whatnot.
The Club Pros have a smart case that knows when the lid is open, and immediately the earphones reconnect to your phone. They pop into and out of the case effortlessly, and don't have any issues charging. The case can be charged wirelessly (Qi).

The sound of these earphones is great! Bass is not overwhelming, treble and mids are great. I could hear everything in these that I normally hear in my audiophile-on-a-budget open-back Philips headphones. All tracks that I normally listen to (chillstep, P.O.S., a bit of pop and hip-hop) sounded pleasant, with no audible drawbacks.

The earphones themselves have the indicator LEDs on the inside, right next to the infrared proximity sensor. The sensor is nice, as it pauses the audio when you take the earphones out of your ears, and resumes music when you put it back in.

I installed the JBL app, and chose one of the European DJ's equalizer presets, and that made the sound even better (I like slightly more bass than flat). I liked Nicky Romero's preset (never heard of him) the most, but Armin van Buuren's preset disappointed me. Ryan Marciano's is also nice.

Also in the app you can switch ambient sound settings, including the active mode (changes noise canceling for activities) and talk through. Talk through works seamlessly, without any perceptible delay. You can also switch smart audio modes (normal, for music listening, which ups the quality a bit, and for video, which reduces the delay between audio and video), but I only tried each mode once, and stuck with normal.

You can configure the touch controls for each headphones in the app, as well. The touch controls work decently, but don't register every touch, for some reason. Maybe my skin is too dry, not sure.

There are a few more settings in the app, some are useful, some not so much.

Overall, I love these. I use them all the time, and love the ease of use, seamless audio
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[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The JBL CLUB PRO+ TWS is outstanding. Right out of the box, its sleek design is eye catching. The set up was a breeze w/ the JBL My Headphones app you can customize the sound. Charging is quick and can last all day. I found the sound to be of a superior quality, along w/ the useful noise cancelling technology made them very versatile. The tap to talk feature worked seamlessly and w/ 3 mics, calls were effortless. I would absolutely recommend the JBL CLUB PRO+ TWS for anyone.
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Adaptive sound. Just wow

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] So let me start off by saying that in today’s age it’s really hard to find a headphones that bring the balance between hitting the gym or just waking around listening to music. These earbuds definitely step up there game and this was definitely a step above the rest. The sound quality is astonishing and the bass is deep and heavy thanks to the DJ audio setting, which makes it real easy to get lost in your workout knowing you can’t hear the outside world as you lift away or start your run. This product is definitely a step above everybody else. I would highly recommend these to anybody that works out or is just too busy to unplug from their day to day lives.
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Great sound!

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] These wireless headphones are perfect! Great sound quality, very clear and crisp! The fit is so comfortable, even for hours. Charging time is great and they last for a great amount of time. The case the headphones are stored in is very durable and easy to use.
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My Go To earbuds!

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] These are the best airbuds I've used and I've gone through quitr a few airbuds. The ability to customize my equalizer is a great feature that allows me to enjoy listening to my favorite reggae songs. This is definitely another great JBL product. The app is also great.
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Club Pro+ TWS

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] These are my go to headphones around the house! I cannot stop jamming out when cooking or just hanging out. Incredibly vivid sound with easy tap/ touch controls. You will love these headphones!
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Great, but require some learning

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] These are by far my most advanced headphones! The features are 100/10. There’s a little bit of a learning curve, so be patient and take the time to set them up how you like them. I love how customizable they are, especially since they have as many functions as more advanced over-ear headphones. I have tiny ears, but the small bud size still fits me quite well without feeling like they’ll fall out. Also the battery life is pretty awesome, and the case retains a charge for a long time.
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Amazing sound with Deep bass and Really good highs

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have the Samsung buds + and they were my daily driver till i bought these, The base and sound quailty on these compared to the samsung buds + is night and day, They make the samsung buds sound cheap and plasticy.

Really well done JBL this was high quality for the price.

Ear comfort is nice and case is very nice as well.
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Great sound and features. The only downside, for me, is that it does not fit as comfortably as my JBL Live 300TWS.
The 300TWS has a rubber ring where it presses against your ear to stay snug and soft.
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ClubPro+ TWS Are Amazing

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The ClubPro TWS+ earbuds are a great example of improved technology over generations. These earbuds not only provide a terrific range of sound, but the added Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) is a welcome addition when using them in public.
General: The fit, feel and quality of the earbuds is great. The out-of-the-box appeal is very aesthetically pleasing, and the upgrade to USB-C charging (cable included) is a nice touch to add faster, more reliable charging to the package.
Sound: Anywhere from solo vocals to deep bass, these earbuds seem to perform up to expectations. Listening to "The Girl is Mine" by Michael Jackson, the earbuds capture the highs of the vocals and seamlessly mix the baritone drum in the background. On the other hand, "TECHNO" by Yellow Claw had more than enough bass throughout the song without losing the treble of the higher-range sounds or distort the vocals in any way.
Fit: While these would be perfectly fine to use in the gym, or on a run, I tend to prefer having some sort of "fin" accompany the earbud to secure it in place. Having said that, I did not seem to have any issue with adjusting the buds to keep them in place (which is more than I can say for most earbuds these days).
Summary: Overall, I would recommend these earbuds to anyone looking for great sound throughout the listening experience, as well as a fast pairing/charging process, great fit, a customizable app to tailor the sound according to the user, and outstanding overall features.
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